The Bess of Hardwick Angling Club


Our membership was full for last season, please read below how you can join our waiting list for 2020/21 membership

We always welcome applications for new membership. We will do everything possible to make your application easy. When you do join our little club we will welcome you warmly into our small band of like minded anglers.

Our club is allowed only 60 members and even on a busy angling day it is rare to find more than 5 or 6 members quietly fishing and catching fish in the 5 ponds which we can choose from.

Our ponds are not large but each possesses great character and diverse fish stocks. Some ponds contain Mirror, Common and Crucian Carp, Rudd, Tench, Roach, Chub, Bream, Gudgeon, and Perch.

There is no need to use large quantities of high tech baits – most of our Carp can be caught on bread flake, small cubes of meat, sweet corn, paste, pellet, maggot and fresh red casters will catch you some really lovely deep scarlet finned Rudd.


For the angler who enjoys the competitive edge, we run friendly Sunday morning matches. For a few pounds pools money, you can enjoy good conversation, low pressure, fun, match angling. There is also the chance to win one of our trophies for a year. These cups have all been give to our club by families of their loved ones, some of whom are sadly no longer with us. We also organise a 24-hour angling competition in July of each year which will benefit a local charity. This event is combined with a family fun day and a barbecue, raffle, kids games of rounders, treasure hunt, and egg-throwing for the kids and grown-ups alike.


Being situated in the very centre of the Hardwick Park means that we must care for the Rows Ponds and to retain the surroundings at the high standards demanded by the National Trust. For this work we ask our membership to help us with these duties. One of the more important attributes that we look for when we take on new members, is their willingness to attend a few organised working parties each season. These gatherings are usually held on Sunday mornings during the annual close season, and usually last for 3 hours. Various tasks are tackled like litter picking, submerged weed clearing, clipping back bushes, and angling peg maintenance. This work is done carefully to ensure that we sustain the environment in and around the ponds, the bankside, and of course the fish and wildlife.


Our season runs from the 16th of June to the end of February of the following year. All anglers must always be in possession of a full course fishing license before their fishing permit is issued. Our angling permit fees are currently set at £60 for the full season. We ask you to pay a one time joining fee of £50. Car parking is allowed close to the waterside and a key is available by request. The cost of this key is included in the joining fee. If you leave our club then £30 will be refunded to you when you return this key.

Members are allowed to take one person fishing along with them on each day. This can be either your partner or any young person under 16 years of age – free of charge. A known guest may purchase a day permit in advance at a cost of £5, and must accompany the member at all times.  There is no limit on the number of visits a guest may make in each season.


Please click our contact page in the menu above if you wish to apply for membership