The Bess of Hardwick Angling Club



Our 24-hour charity angling competition is the highlight of our season. This event has been celebrated since 1995 and continues to be popular with our members and invited guest anglers alike. We happily extend invitation to our friends to come fish with us. The only requirement is that they obtain charity sponsorship and have fun!

Each year we receive pledges for over one thousand pounds, and we donate this money to different local charities which have touched our lives and our hearts in a special way. We are always grateful for the support given selflessly by our family, friends and others who come along to our fun day - just to be with us on the day.


The beauty of the surroundings of the Row Ponds, the aroma of cooking hot-dogs, our many games, and a glass or two of crisp Chardonnay are always the perfect way to wind down after the stress of the first morning match. The later challenge of staying awake during the night session is tough, but our 4am breakfast of bacon sandwiches does at least allow us the chance of a welcome break in the early dawn light. We round off the last session of the 24-hour competition at 10am and thereafter we try to make sense of the results!


The winner is of course the charity which we support.

We are proud of this annual achievement. We started this

tradition in 1995 and to date we have raised over £40,000


Our chosen charity recipient for this years

charity will be for the benefit of the NHS. 

Due to the continuing lockdown rules, we shall offer only a

minimal event which will include an angling competition.

Sadly. we shall not be able to offer our usual family and friends

BBQ, social get-together, games & children's competitions

Please contribute to this event and help us to raise a few

pounds for their fantastic efforts they have made to keep

us all safe this year.

Our charity day is also the time to present our ma DSC00909 DSC00921 FLYER 2013 DSC00918